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the show starts. >> good to see you. got a great day ahead. we are going to see temperatures a little warmer outside. some patchy fog to begin with. not seeing the drizzle this morning. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and as usual, this time of the morning, no big hot spots. overnight roadwork including at the bay bridge toll plaza. enjoy one of your last trips across the old eastern span. we'll talk about that coming up. >> nostalgic. >> bittersweet. we begin this morning with some news, one teen killed and two others badly hurt in this nasty crash. it happened in danville. happened the night before the first day of school just before 9:00 last night. the car hit a tree on el capitan drive. the driver in the hospital in critical condition. the rim rim is now 20% contained nearly three times the con at the same time from 24 hours ago. the "rim" fire spread to
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160,000 acres. three spot fires started by embers overnight flying over the firelines. the fire is burning on the western edge of yosemite national park. teresa garcia with what people living in the area are being told. >> reporter: the concern was evident as hundreds got the latest news from fire officials. >> these are pretty tough people that live up here. pretty independent people. and they are going to want to protect their homes and property above everything else. >> reporter: they got good news. firefighters have established containment lines along the southwestern edge of the blaze, the area with the biggest population. >> on the less active areas of the fire where it was safe for crews to continue putting in containment lines, we upped that containment to 20%. >> reporter: so that's good news. >> there's some progression, yes. >> reporter: one of the most active parts of this fire is pushing eastward into yosemite
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national park. one of the top concerns is how close it is to hech hechy reservoir two miles away. the reservoir supplies 85% of san francisco's drinking water. so officials are keeping a close eye on how much ash falls into the water. >> we're monitoring water quality at all times and we have seen no change in water quality which is why we're continuing normal water operations. >> reporter: but concerns over water quality will continue long after the fire is out. rainfall can sweep of ash and debris left over after the fire into the reservoir. teresa garcia, cbs news, tuolumne city, california. [ singing ] hundreds of people sang camp songs at a memorial in berkeley for the tuolumne family camp. the camp burned in the "rim" fire over the weekend. it had been around for 90
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years. >> we have the activity, trees, most of all the people who are just instant friends. >> it's a magical place. all my best friends are from camp. >> campers had to evacuate two days before the camp went up in flames. a number of other campgrounds are closed because of the wildfires. if you would like details, check out our interactive fire maps at we're one day away from the bay bridge closure. the old bay bridge shuts down tomorrow night. the new bridge won't open until after labor day. the closure is going to lead to gridlock as people get creative with their commutes and we sent our very own linda yee to find out how bad the traffic is really going to be. >> reporter: during a typical commute hour traffic gridlock is bad enough. here's what it looked like on the golden gate in the san mateo bridge -- and the san mateo bridges. commuters on friday, expect it to be worse, don't drive. >> plan for double the time of
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commute so if it takes you half an hour, you might want to give yourself at least an hour if you are going to travel through heavier times closer to 8:00 or 9:00, probably give yourself an hour and a half. >> reporter: and those are conservative time estimates. back on labor day weekend 2009, the bridge shut down for three days for construction work. traffic moved painfully slow. and there's no reason to believe this week's five-day closure will be any different. besides public transportation, commuters have another option: a company that rents out work space in 30 locations around the bay area is offering its business lounges at no charge thursday and friday. >> yeah. it would be free thursday and friday. free wi-fi and complementary coffee. >> reporter: it will be tough to get around. but if all goes right, the morning of september 3, the new bridge will finally open. and it promises to make the commute easier and safer especially with the addition of emergency shoulders. >> everybody is past the disabled car or crash on the
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way to work on the commute. obviously, blocking a lane. in this case it's actually going to be on a shoulder. so instead of being stuck behind them you will be able to bypass that traffic so it will be great. >> reporter: linda yee, kpix 5. >> the chp expects some of the worst jams to be on highway 101 between san rafael and the golden gate bridge. so if you can make it work, don't drive. hundreds of replacement bolts on the new bay bridge are doing exactly what they are supposed to do. they came into question when 32 similar ones snapped in may. the last couple of weeks engineers have been putting a new bolt under a strength test. one snapped but it was supposed to. >> the fact that they broke after nearly five days at the highest possible tension means that at least initially these bolts could last a very, very long time. >> that's good news. several months of additional testing is still needed. >> with that bay bridge closure, though, i think i'm going to just -- >> sleep on the couch over there. why not. a blanket. >> great idea. we should start our show
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earlier. >> how about that. i think we are. >> you could start a hotel. >> good ideas. >> we have some changes in the weather around the bay area today. we have some patchy fog out there this morning, not as thick as yesterday. if you are headed out the door we have some 50s and some 60s. a little cooler too. the dew points are down so less muggy. less muggy into napa. low clouds at the coastline. you see some of that patchy early on this morning and i think as we head toward the afternoon we'll see a lot of sunshine. the temperatures going to be a little bit warmer outside. yesterday we had some 80s inland. today i think we may see some of those temperatures reach the low 90s into livermore, about 89 in concord and 68 in san francisco. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. and this morning, we are going to start off with a look in the south bay. we have a live look at 101 near mckee and so far, things are moving at the limit at 4:36 this morning. headlights going northbound. as you can see it is a nice smooth ride in both directions and let's get a check of our
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maps on some of our bridges now. golden gate bridge nearly empty as michelle and frank just mentioned. maybe a different story come thursday or friday as a lot of people will try to find alternates to the bay bridge. but for right now looks good through marin county coming towards doyle drive and a quick check of the nimitz, we do have some roadwork especially southbound 880 this morning embarcadero to high street. three left lanes are blocked until 5:00. that's the latest from here. back to you guys. parents trusted her with their kids but a bay area nanny has been arrested for allegedly drinking on the job. kpix 5's brian webb says she was about to drive the child home from kentfield when the cop said not so patch. >> reporter: the afternoon pickup at baci ch elementary included the arrest of an accused drunk driving nanny. >> i'm surprised that it happened here at base itch. >> reporter: 46-year-old nationally nguyen drove to the school around 3:00 repeatedly slammed her car into a sign, then got out, staggered over to
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the kids and tried to put them in the car. >> i'm shocked. >> reporter: she has had alcohol issues and also takes medication for a bad back. maggie hopes that is what's behind this. >> if it is truly what's happened, i just look at it as a back swing from something that is an illness. >> reporter: but officers say the nanny failed a field sobriety test and arrested her for drunk driving, and even an elementary student knows that's not right. >> it's horrible to drink and drive especially if you have kids in the car, even just yourself you can't drink and drive. >> reporter: brian webb, kpix 5. >> this former san mateo psychiatrist will spend 8 years in prison for molesting underaged patients. 81-year-old william ayres was supposed to be counseling the five boys who came to him in
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the 1990s. his victims tearfully gave statements during a sentencing yesterday. ayres pleaded no contest to eight counts of lewd and lascivious acts on a child under 14. first thieves were posing as pg&e workers, now animal crow officers to steal from bay area homes. police say it's happened at least twice in fremont and once in union city in just the past week. a woman apparently comes to the door, saying they are looking for a poisonous snake that's on the loose. when they go into the backyard to measure for traps, police say an accomplice sneaks into the front of the home to steal cash and jewelry. >> allotted of people coming around here soliciting for different things, and mostly they don't look very professional so it looks a little shady and suspicious. >> police say anyone who really works for animal control would have a photo id and know there aren't any snakes on the loose.
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the chp is making an effort to nab taggers in san jose. a special task force seeks to catch criminals right in the act. some officers are now being diverted from regular duties to focus only on arresting those who spray-paint prepared. 7 alleged taggers have been arrested over two months. all were found on or around freeways with fresh paint on their hands or clothes and with used spray cans in their backpacks. in some cases freeway overpasses or retaining walls are tagged not long after old graffiti is painted over. >> the citizens did not like it and neither did the officers. we drove in this area as well, not only on duty but also home and our children are in the cars and it was just not something we wanted to tolerate. >> prosecutors have decided to pursue the cases as felonies. they can seek sentences of up to three years and court ordered restitution. 4:40 now. coming up, will the united states strike against syria? what could happen. what syrian americans hope the obama administration does to
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of a mile in parts of phoent sunset last night. a massive dust storm blew thr the area. they had wind gusf more than the storm cut vi county even see a quarter mile at sunset couldn't even see a quarter of a mile at sunset in phoenix. the dust storm blue trees over and flash floods. more stormy weather likely in arizona the rest of the week, as well. the united states is moving closer to launching a military strike on syria. secretary of state john kerry says proof the syrian government accused chemical weapons on civilians is undeniable. more than 300 people were killed last wednesday. >> the killing of women, children and innocent bystanders by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity. >> kerry says these pictures of the victims show that chemical weapons were used.
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kpix 5's sharon chin talked to syrian americans right here in the bay area and looked at the obama administration's options for military action. >> this is the stuff you see every day. >> reporter: many of his relatives in syria have already left for egypt, lebanon and the u.s. safe from syria's civil war and threat of chemical weapons. >> my uncle was shot by government sniper, 72 years old, wasn't protesting. he just didn't do it. they just have no mercy. >> reporter: the syrian american from santa clara hopes that president obama will help the opposition fight syrian president bashar assad. >> we would interfere to end the chemical weapons. >> reporter: what kind of action wan key expect from the u.s.? senior officials say something limited in scope and duration involving a coalition of allies without troops on the ground. four u.s. navy warships are already positioned in the
4:45 am
eastern mediterranean ready to launch cruise missiles hours after president obama gives the orders. a british submarine is also reported to be in position. they could fire at night and aim at military command centers or launchers used for chemical weapons. >> unfortunately, the military options are very limited. >> reporter: university of san francisco politics professor says a u.s. military strike is riddled with problems. >> a military intervention will not speed the end of the assad regime given that the opposition which started as a broad-based democratic nonviolent movement is now into literally hundreds of factions including hard-line extremists islamic groups. >> reporter: should they target facilities? >> assad deliberately placed them in highly populated civilian areas. >> reporter: sharon chin, kpix 5. a soldier who grew up in antioch has received the
4:46 am
nation's highest military award. president obama presented army staff sergeant ty carter with the medal of honor at the white house yesterday. more than 40 of his friends and family filled the room. the president says carter is a true hero for his actions during the battle in afghanistan. >> ty jumped out of bed, put on his uniform, grabbed ammo and ran into bullets coming down line rain for 100 meters to resupply his comrades in the humvee. >> this is actual video recorded by the taliban of that battle in october of 2009. carter rescued a fellow soldier as nearly 300 insurgents fired on u.s. troops there. carter has post-traumatic stress disorder since that battle killed eight americans, he hopes to encourage other soldiers to get him for ptsd. >> please, take the time to learn about the invisible wounds of war. know that a soldier or veteran suffering from post-traumatic
4:47 am
stress is one of the most passionate dedicated men or women you will ever meet. >> carter is the second u.s. service member to receive the medal of honor for bravery in that october 2009 battle. staff sergeant clinton ramsha received his at the white house this year. time now 4:47. let's get a check on the weather on this tuesday morning. >> kind of steady as she goes now in the weather department. looks like things will start out with some patchy fog early on and then by the afternoon here we go a lot of sunshine again. temperatures may heat up a few degrees but boy, no major changes over the next few days. out the door now, a little bit cooler start. we have some 50s and a couple of low 60s clear in some of the valleys. as we head toward the afternoon, seeing some 60s and 70s around the bay. maybe some 80s and low 90s well inland. and 60s with patchy fog and a mixture of sun out at the coast. trough of low pressure continuing along the west coast and it remains in place. mild temperatures with minor changes over the next few days. i think some bigger changes
4:48 am
though as we head in toward the holiday weekend. we have a pretty good trough that will dive into the bay area. so here's your futurecast fog product showing you patchy fog inside the bay and along the coastline that pulls back toward the coast in the afternoon leaving lots of sunshine for most folks in the afternoon. that means we are looking good temperature-wise. these numbers heat up a few degrees. 80 milpitas. 74 hayward. east bay numbers 80 arizona maybe some low 90s by the afternoon. and then inside the bay we are looking at 60s and a few 70s. next couple of days, we'll watch those temperatures holding fairly steady but then into the weekend things change especially into sunday. that's when that trough dives in. these temperatures struggling to get into the low 80s. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. overnight roadwork continues to slow you down some parts of the bay area including southbound 680. various lanes blocked between pacheco and highway 4. no major slowdowns, but it's out there blocking lanes a few detours to get around those lane blocks
4:49 am
and southbound 680 approaching north main as you come into walnut creek overall you can see traffic really light and continues that way on 24 all the way towards the caldecott tunnel. checking the ride on westbound 580 we have a stall reported westbound near grant line. once you get past that, things look good towards the dublin interchange. no big delay to your drive time. up and down the nimitz freeway like usual this time of the morning we have that overnight roadwork approaching embarcadero between embarcadero and hyde street. all this should be wrapped up by 5:00. yesterday, we noticed the backups actually on our camera in the northbound direction in the commute direction. also in the south bay one accident out there is already in the clearing stages off to the right-hand shoulder. southbound 101 before the capitol expressway looks good though all the way down through san jose as you head towards morgan hill. that's the latest from here. back to you guys. it's no secret state funding for colleges and universities in california has dwindled over the years. yesterday uc-berkeley's new chancellor talked about how the
4:50 am
university must get creative to bring in more money. >> we are going to have to find new ways to generate new kinds of revenue through certain kinds of programs and the use of our resources and very fiscally prudent and sometimes even adventurous ways. >> chance already nicholas dirks says in no way will the university privatize. college gpas won't hold the same weight with employers in the spring. next spring 200 colleges across the country plan to launch a new test for skills, like, communication and other skills. it's for value beyond just a gpa. a new law allows public school students in california to use any bathroom or locker room they choose or join any athletic team no matter the gender. now the secretary of state confirms opponents of the new transgender law appear to be
4:51 am
organizing a referendum now. they must collect more than 500,000 signatures to get the referendum on the november ballot. the new law doesn't go into effect until january. it would allow students to take part in sex-segregated school programs and use bathrooms based on a student's self- declared gender identity. it could get easier for women to get an abortion under a bill that the state senate passed. the bill would allow nurses, physicians' assistants and nurse-midwives to perform abortions during the first trimester of pregnancy. opponents say the proposal puts women at risk. the governor has yet to sign it. wall street will be watching some new reports due out this morning. among them, the kay schiller home price index from june and the august consumer confidence index. also tiffany and company will have its quarterly report. the crisis in syria drove stocks down yesterday. the market turned south when secretary of state john kerry suggested there could be a military response. the dow fell 64 points and the
4:52 am
nasdaq was off a fraction. the deficit will be the biggest challenge over the next two decades. costs for social security and medicare will balloon in the coming years. a survey of economists found they agree the problem needs to be fixed but there was no consensus on the best way to do it. if you don't like the name on your yahoo account, there's some hope. yahoo plans to recycle user names that aren't being used anymore. the web giant is launching a service that emails a user name to become available. for $2 users can request up to five names. the most sought-after include david, michael and alex for men and maria, jennifer and jessica for women. coming up, we have long heard about the risk of mercury in fish we eat like tuna but how does it get there in the first place? scientists now believe they know why. >> and these cute little critters have an odd connection to the royal family. we'll tell you what it is still ahead. ,, ,,,,,,
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let's check out our microclimate forecast. we take you into walnut creek. sunny, warm, a little hot. 90 degrees today. >> and walnut creek commute is also off to a great start. in fact, the rest of your bay area also look good at this hour, as well. bay bridge they should be wrapping up some upper deck roadwork as we speak. and over at the san mateo and golden gate bridges traffic is light. we'll have more "timesaver traffic" coming up. scientists believe they have figured out hour mercury gets into the fish supply. they say 80% of the toxic mercury found in deep feeding fish in the pacific is likely produced by bacteria that clings to sinking bits of organic matter. mercury in fish in hawaii travel through the air for thousands of miles before being deposited by rain. the toxin likely originates from factories in china and india. one way to reduce mercury in
4:56 am
fish is to reduce global emissions from industrialized nations. prince george of cambridge has three little namesakes. russian zookeepers named these three rare albino hedgehogs after the royal baby, george, alexander and louis sharing a birthday with the new prince. the hedgehogs have moved into their own miniature castle at a moscow petting zoo fitted with velvet curtains and red carpet. 4:56. coming up, fierce firestorm. crews work to rein in the flames near yosemite what could complicate their efforts today coming up. >> reporter: live in danville, it was supposed to be one teen's first day of school. but a fatal car accident changed it all. what police say happened. ,,,,,, unbelievable.
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>> tomorrow night, the bay bridge closes so crews can put the finishing touches on the new eastern span. >> we've done everything possible to save the very sacred resources. >> ash has been raining down on the hech hechy reservoir as the flames inch closer. but so far the fire is not affecting water quality. >> the citizens did not like it and neither did the officers. >> chp are going all out to catch taggers in san jose. three high school students from danville won't make their first day of class this morning. a fatal crash last night left one student dead and two others in critical condition. >> indiscriminate slaughter of civilians. >> the obama administration is considering military action against syria. evidence strongly indicates chemical weapons were used in an attack last week. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning.
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good morning, it's tuesday, august 27. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. we have breaking news in the east bay. huge flames from an east oakland home this morning. firefighters still on the scene right now. it was first record about 2 hours ago on 50th avenue near international boulevard. the fire at the two-story house was upgraded to two alarms before it was finally contained. no reports of any injuries though and the cause is still under investigation. also new this morning, kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is at san ramon valley high school where students are mourning the loss of a classmate. >> cate, you're learning more about the teen killed in a crash the night before the first day of school. >> reporter: frank and michelle, yes, we just got new information. we just got off the phone with danville police so we have some new information regarding those passengers, the driver in that car. but i will have to tell you that students here at san ramon valley high school have been taking their grief with the web saying that their classmates have been involved in a car accide a

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